About Me

Hi, I’m Rhianna Hoyle. I love weddings

I love seeing smiling brides and grooms that shed a tear.  I love the bridal party outfits and the way every single tiny detail has been thought of.  Most of all, I love seeing two people in love commit to spending the rest of their lives together.  This is what marriage is all about and I love that I am able to bring that joy to the couples that I am lucky enough to work with.

Getting married is one of the biggest occasions in your life and I know that it can get stressful at times.  

I work with you and together we will design the perfect ceremony for you. Whether that be vibrant, relaxed, full of humor, slightly more traditional or a meaningful and unique Instagram worthy ceremony.  Working with me is a chance for you to build the wedding ceremony to compliment you and your style.

I am no stranger to working with people and spent the past 15 years working in recruitment and also as a buyers advocate. Working with people is what I do best and what could be more special than helping two people create their perfect day.

I will take care of all the paperwork, stay in contact with you, and on the day ensure all your guests are relaxed and ready to celebrate your moment.  I am Melbourne based and always happy to travel to your desired location to make your wedding day the most amazing day of your life.  

If you would like to have a chat or learn more about what I am all about please contact me.  I am looking forward to creating many memorable moments for you and a wedding day filled with celebration and love.